The Leaning Tree

by Minister Win Thompkins and the Stompers

Released 2009
Neighborly Love Records
Released 2009
Neighborly Love Records
Foot stompin energetic, melodic, layered, driving, well-crafted songs of inspiration
It all started as a vision...reminiscent of echoes welling up from a buried past.
Minister Win Thompkins through NLR, Inc. resurrected the gospel music “Foot Stompin’ Experience”.
It’s an experience that personifies American heritage by transporting listeners back to a time when there was substance in lyrics and songs told a a period when strength and inspiration could be found in music.
Because of his heart-pounding, foot stompin’ performances Minister Thompkins became known as the “Ambassador of Foot Stompin’ Gospel Music”.
This latest addition to the Foot Stompin Collection "The Leaning Tree" verifies that Minister Thimpkins has an ear for music and has fine tuned his vocals and lyrics to help meet today's challenges.

In today’s fast paced world of microwavable food and pre-cooked meals, the Foot Stompin’ Experience reminds the listeners of slow cooking neck bones, black eyed peas, corn bread and collard greens that have been simmering on the stove all day.