Win Thompkins - Producer/Singer/Songwriter


 Win Thompkins was born and raised in Southern Florida in a happy Christian home filled with laughter, music & songs. He is the third oldest of ten children. Like most in the industry and especially coming from a home such as his, it was only natural that “Win” and his siblings sang in the church choir. As the young men grew into talented teenagers, he and his brothers travelled and sang gospel music locally and nationally.

Win Thompkins was labeled “The Ambassador of Foot Stompin Gospel because of his Soulful, but yet original tenor voice that is golden to the ear. Just as sirens summons Sailors to the rocks! The “Ambassador” summons and embraces you with sweetness. It leaves you relaxed, uplifted and definitely moves you for more.

Win at the tender age of 14 met Country singing Star Zeke Clements and signed his first recording deal with Cross & Crown Records. Two years later he and his brothers recorded their first album titled “Keep On Pushing” on the Holt Sullivan, Nashville label. After that he released several albums/CDS that he wrote and produced for other artist.

In 2004 he reached back into his roots and released a 26 song CD entitled “Foot Stompin (vol. 1). Often referred to as a “Masterpiece” which gospel critics quote;

”It has legs and will be around for a very long time, guaranteed to make you clap, stomp and dance”  (vol. 1) led the way for the release of several other popular CDs and DVDs including “Live and up Close”,  “Foot Stompin (vol. 2)”, “ Project Joshua” & “With People In Mind.”

In 2009 Win released another chart breaking CD entitled “The Leaning Tree” under the name of Win Thompkins & The Stompers on NLR Records and re-released it on MCG Records/Humility Music Group. This CD surpassed all other CD/Albums that Win had released, earning him another title as the “Leaning Tree Man” which led to a substantial following within the Gospel community and enabled him to sing to thousands that led to his 2013 CD release titled

“I May Be Hoppin” CD which left his audience hoppin and not stopping, which earn him a Stellar award nominee in 2013.


Current Projects 

The latest endeavor takes him to a broader audience reach promoting inspirational music of peace, love, unity and tolerance beginning with his upcoming 2020 CD album release “Standing For the People” that features the single For the People. This single brings awareness too Non Government Organizations (NGO's) that promotes peace, unity and tolerance. Songs like the notable cover single  “Imagine” by John Lennon, along with original songs such as “Building a World of Peace”- a song that points to the importance of developing an inward peace first that enables an individual to share with family, neighbors and then abroad, Dibble Dabble Now, Tree of Ruth, We are One, Let's Have A Meeting, Lately and the Curtis Mayfield song, are songs that will surely bring about unity, and self-knowledge and awareness as described in the single "Get to know Yourself" and "You’re Beautiful". Just some of the 15 inspiring songs  promoting peace, unity, love & tolerance.

Targeted demographics

LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability)
1. Interfaith
2. Unity
3. Peace
4. Love
5. Tolerance
6. Oneness
7. Self-Awareness
8. Environmental care
9. Inspirational uplifting
10. Interconnectedness
11. Diversity
12. Spirituality
13. Positive mindset
14. Social Justice


Gospel Music by demand

After being silent on the gospel scene for 7 years, Win Thompkins returns with Still Standing EP, featuring single "I Got A Feeling' " (Check new music page for information on EP)